Andph Athenaeum

Background by Pierre.
Using Nette framework.
Everything else was created by me
Lord Zefir of Andph

Andph Athenaeum


Here, at the gate of Andph. I want to say somethink about it.

  • Andph is mine world and your stay is only your choice.
  • My world mean my rules and my truth.
  • Your opinion is your. I am not interested in your criticism.
  • Enjoy your stay...

And i must apologize to non-czech visitors. The Library, few of Applications and most Cloud is available only in Czech language. My english is really bad. I am Moravian and czech is my native language. So i'm using it for most of writings.

Enhanced model of Andph

So there are some of you who met my platform before i started with these changes. Before changes there was few standalone projects and accesses which was controlling entire platform. Now there will be just one ethernal application which work for every aspect of Andph. Until all changes comes in work - all of standalone projects will be stopped with one exception. Licence Control System - AGOA, will be running until i have adequate compensation.